Rose Muhando joins Chama Cha Mapinduzi

Embattled Tanzanian Gospel musician Rose Muhando has officially joined Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM). Rose who requested to join the party was issued with Membership Certificate with her group during CCM General Meeting at Jakaya Kikwete Stadium.

Before getting the certificate Muhando entertained CCM delegates with a new political hit “Magufuli Tubebe” which is a special dedication to a sitting president Magufuli.

CCM officer Humphrey Polepole announced that Rose and her group will entertain delegates before handing them membership certificates.

“Lets welcome Rose Muhando and group please come on stage with a new song with is special dedication to brother Magufuli”. Said Humphrey.

Polepole also directed the party district officers to give the Group more information on membership. This is a boost to Magufuli’s party since celebrated actor Wema Sepetu also joined the same party from the opposition Party Chadema.

“I can’t live in the house where I don’t have peace, I’m officially Joining CCM from Chadema party.” Said Sepetu

Source: Google News